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res.body doesn't exist. The variable is "body". When you start httpok…

… with the -b flag it crashes when it tries to access.
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1 parent 9b5e58e commit ec5d040f0836dfb9af62c191e4ce4b9483c1a0eb @e98cuenc e98cuenc committed Jun 23, 2011
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@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ def runforever(self, test=False):
if str(status) != str(self.status):
subject = 'httpok for %s: bad status returned' % self.url
self.act(subject, msg)
- elif self.inbody and self.inbody not in res.body:
+ elif self.inbody and self.inbody not in body:
act = True
subject = 'httpok for %s: bad body returned' % self.url
self.act(subject, msg)

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