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A support system for the Sinusbot
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VerHext add version 2.5.1 (#42)
- fix: undefined channel hours description
- fix: http module error (outdated)
- add http permission request
- start register commands (not work!)
- remove: !help license copyright
- fix: audios and content type

This  fixes #36 and #40 and #32
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Advanced Sinusbot Support Script


Sinusbot platform:

If you want to download the script, go to the Releases Tab and download the latest version.


  • Module store - easily expand the script's functionality
  • Channel notifications
  • Ignore list
  • Messages (e.g. if no supporters are online)
  • Create tickets
  • Send notifications via Telegram (module)
  • Send notifications via Discord (module)
  • Channel (name) renaming (!online / !offline)
  • Open and close support channels automatically if (no) supporters are online
  • Open and close support channels according to your service hours
  • Upload your own queue music or use our samples (e.g. here)
  • New engine (v2)
  • Anti-Flood System
  • Change notification prefixes
  • Define support topics for easier ticket management
  • Reply to tickets directly via Discord (PRO)


If you need help with the script send me an E-Mail (support[at]allesverhext[dot]de) or visit us on Discord ( If you found an issue or bug feel free to open a new issue on here including all the information that might seem necessary for us to help you.


  • Channel Edit Algoritm
  • Automatically open/close channels
  • Website by @lapotor

Telegram and Discord API status/uptime:


MIT License

Dieses Material steht unter der MIT Lizenz. Um eine Kopie dieser Lizenz zu sehen, besuchen Sie

This work is licensed under the MIT License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Thanks for the support:

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