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archive_after_reply Fixing the archive after reply app
assign_after_reply assign after reply should mark ticket as answered and not archived
audit_trail Audit Trail App updated! Now with Assignment events
basecamp removing videos for basecamp and trello
batchbook Don't add empty lines while showing a person's details
bigcommerce Update config.yml
bugherd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/video-link-bugherd'
bugify refactored validate method in bugify, removed console.log from JS files
campfire better description for the campfire app
capsule_crm correcting typos in capsule crm
compose adding a message about new email feature in compose app
create_snippet Adding icon and screenshot
dummy Adding hint option to setting options
email_after_archive changing the category of the email after archive app to lowercase
evernote Videos Added: Campfire-trello-asana-evernote-hipchat-flowdock-githug-…
flowdock Videos Added: Campfire-trello-asana-evernote-hipchat-flowdock-githug-…
github Set github api per page limit to 100
highrise_crm added check for ticket.trash, so the contact is not created if the ti…
hipchat changing the hipchat icon and name for the new basecamp app
insightly Merge pull request #73 from SupportBee/check_ticket_trashed
jaconda adding the app
jira minor changes to app description
magento Merging big commerce
mark_answered ticket Spell corrected in mark answered app
pipedrive added check for ticket.trash, so the contact is not created if the ti…
pivotaltracker added app description, screenshot, and comment links to Insightly, al…
salesforce Change acess of the salesforce app to 'test', until we figure out how…
sently renaming Sently to lowercase
show_ticket_number Category should be small caps
teamwork fixing batchbook and teamwork icon
trello removing videos for basecamp and trello
zoho_crm Videos Added: Campfire-trello-asana-evernote-hipchat-flowdock-githug-…
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