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Survival 5th Dimension Center EE

A survival map for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever that supports 1 to 8 players. Best with 4 players.

Enemy units come from all 4 corners. Your job is to protect the defence objective at the center of the map. You lose instantly if it gets destroyed. If you survive the increasingly difficult waves till minute 40 you win.

When playing with fewer then 4 players, the unoccupied lanes will not receive any units and the total amount of incoming units is reduced proportionally.

The map supports many different options that can be changed in the lobby by the game host.


This map is developed using git. The repository can be found at

Version History

Entropy Edition 6


  • Added Energy Bonus lobby option
  • Added Objective Health lobby option
  • Added Objective Regen lobby option
  • Added Objective Vision lobby option
  • Increased difficulty of the last 2 minutes
  • Added rangeboat warning
  • Rangeboats no longer shoot at the defence object
  • Rangeboats are now disco mode

Entropy Edition 5


  • Added extra values to the Difficulty lobby option
  • Decreased difficulty of final stage
  • Added surprise unit to final stage
  • Improved various messages

Entropy Edition 4


  • Changed default build time from 2:30 to 5:00
  • Fixed disco mode timing

Entropy Edition 3 (first working EE version)


  • Fixed Build Time lobby option: the default value is now as indicated instead of 0
  • Added Auto Reclaim lobby option
  • Added All Factions lobby option
  • Flying engineers (UEF drones) can now be build
  • Changed bot color so that it cannot be the same as one of the players
  • Added DISCO MODE
  • Removed some nuke and arty "special waves" because shit code I don't want to deal with
  • Many code simplifications
  • Put "Survival 5thdim Center v0006" code in git repo and added README


A survival map for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever -





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