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Capsule Neural Network

A Capsule Neural Network (CapsNet) is a machine learning system that is a type of artificial neural network (ANN) that can be used to better model hierarchical relationships. The approach is an attempt to more closely mimic biological neural organization. The idea is to add structures called capsules to a convolutional neural network (CNN), and to reuse output from several of those capsules to form more stable (with respect to various perturbations) representations for higher order capsules. The output is a vector consisting of the probability of an observation, and a pose for that observation. This vector is similar to what is done for example when doing classification with localization in CNNs. Among other benefits, capsnets address the "Picasso problem" in image recognition: images that have all the right parts but that are not in the correct spatial relationship (e.g., in a "face", the positions of the mouth and one eye are switched). For image recognition, capsnets exploit the fact that while viewpoint changes have nonlinear effects at the pixel level, they have linear effects at the part/object level. This can be compared to inverting the rendering of an object of multiple parts.

  3. --Geoffrey Hinton talk on Capsule Neural Network

Dynamic Routing

The fact that the output of a capsule is a vector makes it possible to use a powerful dynamic routing mechanism to ensure that the output of the capsule gets sent to an appropriate parent in the layer above.


Deep Q-Learning

Deep Q Learning is a branch of Reinforcement Learning that deals with problems using CNN as function approximator, we have implemented Deep Q-Learning for Pong game based application where we have trained the network to play againt a AI opponent. The codes for execution of the alogirthm for both Single Machine as well as distributed implementation for various model configurations has been uploaded on this repository, which is using PYGAME for creating the environment for execution.


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