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This document concerns building and installing R from sources. Pre-made
binaries are made available for some systems with varying regularity and
can be obtained from CRAN (see the RESOURCES file).
The main source of information on installation is the `R Installation
and Administration Manual', an HTML copy of which is available as file
`doc/html/R-admin.html'. Please read that before installing R. But
if you are impatient, read on but please refer to the manual to
resolve any problems. (If you obtained R using Subversion, the manual
is at doc/manual/R-admin.texi and can be read online at
As you are reading this file, you have unpacked the R sources and are
presumably in the top directory. Issue the following commands:
(If your make is not called `make', set the environment variable MAKE to
its name, and use that name throughout these instructions.)
This will take a while, giving you time to read `R-admin.html'.
Then check the built system worked correctly, by
make check
and make the manuals by either or both of
make pdf to create PDF versions
make info to create info files
However, please read the notes in `R-admin.html' about paper size and
making the reference manual.
You do not need to install R to run it: you can run R by the script
`bin/R' which you can link or copy to any convenient place in your path.
For a site-wide installation, use
make install
make install-info
make install-pdf
choosing to install the manuals that you made.
This installs to the default location (typically `/usr/local') for your
platform: see the Installation and Administration Manual for other options.