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SEO module for Expression Engine
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SurgeEO SEO Add-On for ExpressionEngine 2

###What is it?

SurgeEO is an add-on that lets you add SEO meta data to your site pages, and control those in the admin area. You can edit/control:

  1. Title tag
  2. Description Meta Tag
  3. Keywords Meta Tag
  4. Canonical Tag
  5. Robots (Privacy from search bots)

###What problems does SurgeEO solve?

We created an SEO plugin because we implement best SEO practices in all of our client sites. There are few high-quality add-ons, and we saw some of them doing too much, or lacking in important areas. Here were our goals:

  1. Easily administrate SEO data in the admin area (duh)
  2. Use best practices - Don't make using a global header hard
  3. Administrate SEO data to aggregate pages - Those with no specific entry assigned (This one is exciting!)


  1. Stupid-quick Startup Guide - Even a caveman can do it...
  2. Tag Reference - All available tags
  3. SEO data for Entries - Adding SEO data to your entries
  4. SEO data for Pages - Adding SEO data to pages with no entry!
  5. Usage Examples - Usage examples to get you underway quickly
  6. CSV Import - Bulk import your data!
  7. Config Options: Global Defaults - Basic Options
  8. Config Options: Additional - Additional Options
  9. FAQ


  1. How to use global headers
  2. How we guess the entry_id

Stupid-Quick Startup Guide

Global Header Include:

	<meta name="keywords" content="{embed:keywords}" />
	<meta name="description" content="{embed:description}" />

Some template:

	title="{exp:surgeeo:title url_title='{segment_3}'}" 
	keywords="{exp:surgeeo:keywords url_title='{segment_3}'}" 
	description="{exp:surgeeo:description url_title='{segment_3}'}"
	<div class="container">
		<div class="row">
			{exp:channel:entries channel="some_channel"}
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