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SurveyMan is a programming language and runtime system for designing, debugging, and deploying surveys on the web. You can find the SurveyMan language, static analyzer, and simulator in the SurveyMan repository.

This repository contains the SurveyMan runtime system. It is designed to be modular, so it can support a variety of backend services.

Installation / Usage

Installing from Source

  1. Clone this repository
  2. On the command line, type make. Answer A to all questions.


To see usage, run java -jar runner.jar. To actually run something, you must use the -cp argument; there are several executables in this jar.


SurveyMan logs a great deal of information in the logs folder. This is a folder that is created automatically in the folder from which you run the SurveyMan jar. SurveyMan.log will provide the most informative information, along with anything printed to standard output.

If you get stuck, please submit an issue and attach your SurveyMan.log file and any console output.


There are four ways you can help out with SurveyMan development : testing, writing tests, fixing bugs, requesting features, and implementing features. All contribution requires forking this repository. All pull requests should be issued to this repository's untested branch. If you are new to forking, you should read this guide. You will want to add the master branch as a remote, so you can pull in changes that are deemed stable -- this means you effectively push to untested with pull requests and pull from master.


We are always trying to improve our testing coverage and automation. However, there will probably always be limitations to what we can do and the scenarios we can try. This form of contribution is ideal for our user base, who may not be interested in contributing to code. You can find out more about contributing to testing here.

Writing Tests

We have a number of tests, but we could always use more! Not all tests have to be code. This is a good place to start if you are are a SurveyMan user and/or are new to coding. You can find out more about contributing to writing tests here.

Fixing Bugs

We encourage everyone to report bugs as they see them. Bugs are listed on our issues page with the tag "bug". We also have an "easy" tag for problems that can be fixed (or features that can be added) with few alterations to the code. More information about how to contribute to the code can be found here.

Requesting Features

If there is a feature you'd like to see, add it as an issue and tag it with the label "enhancement". We typically discuss the merits of features, as well as some high-level implementation strategies, in the issue thread. If you post the issue, you will be notified when people respond.

Implementing Features

Implementing features requires the most coordination with the core SurveyMan developers. If you would like to implement a feature that is not already on our list, please add it first and tag it with "enhancement". Then post a response stating your intentions to work on this feature, as well as any implementation details you had in mind. Not all of the "enhancement" issues have details attached, so it is possible that the developers have more contraints or requirements in mind. Please also see this page for information relevant to contributing to the code.

Installation (for development)

In order to use all of the programs here, you will need to have the following installed. Versions known to work are listed in parentheses:

Strictly necessary:

  • Java 1.7+
  • make (3.81)
  • maven (3.0.4, 3.1.1)
  • wget (1.14)
  • lein (2.3.4)
  • npm (1.3.21, 1.1.4)

Optional (depending upon what you want to do):

  • Python (2.7)
  • julia (0.2.1)

Not all of these are necessary, depending on what you want to do. The core behavior is in Java.

To get started, run scripts/ && make install.



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