MyFitnessPal Keto Script
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Created primarily for the /r/keto community on Reddit.

Remember this script REQUIRES the following columns: Fat, Protein, Carbs, Fiber!




  • Q: Food item shows up in red and says bad data?! What gives?!
  • A: Someone added the food item incorrectly, and put net carbs in the carbs value, and so the fiber subtracts from it, making negative carbs. Nothing I can really do about this without modifying more data than I wish to.
  • Q: I get NaN's in the Net Carb column!
  • A: It may be you didn't have all the required columns added, go to and make sure all the columns required are there (most likely, you need to add the fiber column).
  • Q: What about sugar alcohols?
  • A: Since MFP does not recognize these as a seperate nutrition, it will simply be up to the data entry (don't include it in carbs) or the user will have to know to ignore it.