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Pitch for SDP Event Management 🎉

Hi, we are a team of young engineers with a question : has it ever happened to you that you went to a festival only knowing one artist, getting lost and not even knowing when your artist was scheduled? Our app comes in handy at this point, as we finely designed it to assist you during the events you attend. Our app will let your find your way in the event with a nice map highlighting all the relevant spots. It will also let you know about all the activities that are happening and even remind you for the ones you absolutely do not want to miss ! Our app will help you keep in touch with your friends in the place as well and much more for you to check up. Finally no fears of missing out as our app connects you to a wide range of events you can discover, consult and bookmark within the app. So don't forget, get it to live it!

n.b : Please comment and review ! 👍 wherever there is OUR APP written, this must be replaced by the app name.