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An evented twitter client, specifically built to make it easy to build bots and the like. Inc. built in streaming / search support

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BirdGrinder - an evented ruby twitter library

BirdGrinder is my attempt at an evented twitter library / "framework" for ruby. Based on Perennial and very much influenced by Marvin's design, even to the level of sharing a lot of code, BirdGrinder is designed to make it simple and easy to create twitter bots / clients that react to events such as processing searches / streams, automatically processing mentions and direct messages.

One example of this usage is for a twitter game - BirdGrinder was originally written for use in Nick Plante's upcoming werewolf game and has been used to write a couple of other tools (e.g. a real time updating twitter stream for a conference).

To find out more, please read docs/


I welcome any and all contributions, but please keep a few things in mind:

  • I have the right to decide what gets pulled in.
  • If you maintain your own version, please bump it in separate commits to actual functionality.
  • I'm an idiot because I haven't written tests yet. Sorry!

Any Questions?

Contact or ping SuttoL on Freenode. Also, feel free to message me here on GitHub.

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