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Put add_preamble where it was.

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1 parent a9294b2 commit 48339eeec9f4a51e1e1fc9e965578eb8271df226 @dblock dblock committed Aug 18, 2011
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ def has_hook?(name)
# Configuration - Tweak how you use Barista.
- has_boolean_options :verbose, :bare, :add_filter, :exception_on_error, :embedded_interpreter, :auto_compile, :add_preamble
+ has_boolean_options :verbose, :bare, :add_filter, :add_preamble, :exception_on_error, :embedded_interpreter, :auto_compile
has_delegate_methods Compiler, :bin_path, :bin_path=, :js_path, :js_path=
has_delegate_methods Framework, :register
has_deprecated_methods :compiler, :compiler=, :compiler_klass, :compiler_klass=

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