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-# Barista
+# Barista #
Barista is very, very similar to [bistro\_car]( (infact, credit where credit is due - it shares similar
code / is almost a fork).
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ your coffeescripts will be automatically provided, ready for bundling.
To add to your project, simply add:
- gem 'barista', '>= 0.1.2'
+ gem 'barista', '>= 0.2.0'
To your Gemfile and run bundle install.
@@ -25,6 +25,17 @@ automatically compile all coffeescripts that have changed before rendering the p
Barista require rails 3+ (but patches for Rails 2 will be accepted.)
+## Frameworks ##
+One of the other main features Barista adds (over bistro\_car) is frameworks similar
+to Compass. The idea being, you add coffeescripts at runtime from gems etc. To do this,
+in your gem just have a coffeescript directory and then in you gem add the following code:
+ Barista::Framework.register 'name', 'full-path-to-directory' if defined?(Barista::Framework)
+For an example of this in practice, check out [bhm-google-maps](
+or, the currently-in-development, [shuriken](
## Configuration ##
Please note that barista lets you configure several options. To do this,

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