Copy .js files "as is" to the public/javascript dir #33

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snitko commented Mar 28, 2011

Hi, would be nice to have an option of just copying all files that have a .js extension to the destination folder. For instance, I may have "app/scripts/lib" dir where I hold js libs such as jQuery. The reason I don't want to put them into the public/javascripts dir is because I believe the whole dir should be added to gitignore. Basically, the behavior I'm talking about is what SASS and LESS used to do for .css files.

Either I couldn't find how or it's currently not possible.

sha1dy commented Mar 31, 2011

I'm also interested in hearing how to achieve this with barista

Sutto was assigned Apr 13, 2011


Sutto commented Apr 18, 2011

I'm working on this now as part of the 1.1 release - I'll update this once it's implemented.


Sutto commented Apr 18, 2011

Could you guys take a looker at the current master? You should now be able to simply drop js files along side your coffeescript files and barista will automatically copy them for you.

snitko commented Apr 18, 2011

I tried using the master (gem "barista", :git => "git://"), here's what I get when I load the website in my browser:

uninitialized constant CoffeeScript::Engines

Sutto commented Apr 27, 2011

Try again - I think I've fixed this (temporarily at least) on head.

snitko commented Apr 29, 2011

Well, there are no more errors, but .js files are not copied to the respective dirs.

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