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Added namespacing feature to barista. Based somewhat off this blog post:

Puts an object wrapper around the compiled output which is then called from JS outputted by a helper method.

Supports controller and action level granularity Ie. 'pages/' will run on all actions in pages controller whilst 'pages/' will run only on 'pages#home' action. Support namespaced controllers such as 'devise/registrations/'.

The idea is that you can combine this with something like rack-pagespeed to minify and combine your javascript's into one file so you have only one HTTP request but still have granular control over which code runs without having to manage namespaces inside the .coffee files yourself.

@Sutto Sutto was assigned Jun 2, 2011

Would it be possible to get some docs added to the README file to document it's usage in a bit more detail if possible? With that done, I'll be happy to merge it in (and sorry for taking so long to get back to you)

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