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Simple, transparent CoffeeScript support for Rails and Rack apps.
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Barista is very, very similar to bistro_car (infact, credit where credit is due - it shares similar code / is almost a fork).

The main difference being, it lets you use coffee as you would javascript. Simply put, Write coffee and place it in app/coffeescripts and Barista will automatically serve it as if it was placed in public/javascripts

That is, app/coffeescripts/ will work for /javascripts/demo.js. Even better (and more importantly for me), it provides Barista.compile_all! which takes all coffee files and compiles them into public/javascripts.

If you're using Jammit, this means you can simple run a rake task (rake barista:brew before running jammit) and your coffeescripts will be automatically provided, ready for bundling.

To add to your project, simply add:

gem 'barista', '>= 0.1.2'

To your Gemfile and run bundle install.

As you place .coffee files in app/scripts, it will automatically handle them for you.

Please note that for Jammit compatibility etc, by default in test and dev mode it will automatically compile all coffeescripts that have changed before rendering the page.

Barista require rails 3+ (but patches for Rails 2 will be accepted.)


Please note that barista lets you configure several options. To do this, it's as simple as setting up an initializer with:

rails generate barista_install

Then editing config/initializers/barista_config.rb.

Currently available options are:

  • root - the folder path to read coffeescripts from, defaults to app/coffeescripts
  • output_root - the folder to write them into, defautls to public/javascripts.
  • no_wrap - stop coffee from automatically wrapping JS in a closure.
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