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1 parent 8e58b5e commit cc992533a4c359834ed2d454c7b113e219dc4ddd @Sutto committed Aug 9, 2012
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@@ -16,15 +16,15 @@ recipes:
- <td>brightbox::default</td>
+ <td><code>brightbox::default</code></td>
<td>Installs the ruby and nginx passenger recipes.</td>
- <td>brightbox::ruby</td>
+ <td><code>brightbox::ruby</code></td>
<td>Adds the repository, Installs The full Ruby 1.9 package from brightbox, sets it as the default then installs a sane server gemrc and adds bundler, rake and rubygems-bundler gems to bootstrap your environment.</td>
- <td>brightbox::nginx_passenger</td>
+ <td><code>brightbox::nginx_passenger</code></td>
<td>Requires the ruby recipe, will install passenger with 1.9.1 and nginx, setting up nginx to use passenger.</td>

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