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It doesn't automate the docs or the like - it just does the simplest thing possible.
+## Doc Generation
+Emmett is simply a pipeline for building documentation. It expects very little, namely:
+* There is a specific api index page.
+* There is a directory holding all API section information as markdown files
+* Each page has a h1 with the section name
+* Each page has one or more h2's with an api endpoint described inside a single one.
+From this, it will generate compiled HTML from a template (the default is built on bootstrap)
+* Markdown processed much like on GitHub.
+* A nav bar with your api name + drop downs of section titles.
+* An index of endpoints in each section before any of the endpoints are described.
+* An api index on the home page.
+It'll automatically use Pygments for code highlighting, so for http examples we encourage the syntax like:
+ ```http
+ GET /1/your/endpoint HTTP/1.1
+ Authorization: Bearer TOKEN
+ ``
+ ```http
+ HTTP/1.1 200 OK
+ Content-Type: text/plain
+ Alrighty then!
+ ```
+AKA, Calls described in the form of a simplified request lifecycle.
## Installation
Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

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