Simple IRC logging built on Sinatra, CouchDB and Marvin (with a horrible name)
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IRClerk – Sinatra + CouchDB + Marvin == IRC logging goodness

Getting started

Firstly, Clone this repo and then change to the top level directory.

Next, run the following commands to prepare your database:


Now, to use the irc bot, you’ll need two things:

  1. The marvin gem – use sudo gem install Sutto-marvin --source=
  2. Edit irc-bot/config/settings.yml and irc-bot/config/connections.yml

Next, start up the logger bot:

marvin client irc-bot -v

Optionally, you can add -d if you want to run it in the background.

If you now check the channels / write a few messages, and then check the db using futon
(the couchdb web admin interface, you should see they’ve been logged.)

Next, run ruby application.rb inside the web app directory, surf to http://localhost:4567/
and enjoy!