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Kookaburra – a Ruby IRCD

Kookaburra-Server simple open source IRCD written in Ruby.

It’s a fork of ruby-ircd with
some new work done (note: I’m moving towards rewriting everything).


  1. Better layout – proper module hierarchy
  2. DRB interface
  3. a catch all channel
  4. A proper logger
  5. proper option support
  6. settings via configatron
  7. Uses eventmachine for the networking


To use, try:

sudo gem install eventmachine extlib configatron ./script/server


  1. Tests tests tests!
  2. Massive refactoring / clean up of the code
  3. Extensive testing
  4. Ninjas!
  5. less-hacked together interface
  6. Move towards Marvin-esque handlers / events system
  7. Oh, did I mention tests?