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RocketPants Change Log

Please Note: This change log only covers v1.3 forwards - apologies for anything missing prior to that.

Version 1.13.0

  • Support for Bugsnag and documentation tweaks around notifications.

Version 1.12.1

  • Fix for scopes and nested serialization working correctly (change Array check to #to_ary, as we should).

Version 1.12.0

  • RSpec 3.0 Differ fixes, Thanks to newdark.
  • Fix deprecation warning for path_parameters in 4.2, Thanks to davidpdrsn.
  • Travis CI fixes, Thanks to DamirSvrtan.
  • Support for :each_serializer.

Version 1.11.0

  • Support for RSpec >= 3.0

Version 1.10.0

  • Remove .rvmrc because is deprecated in favor of .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset
  • 'expose' method now validates invalid single objects
  • next on kaminari with an empty result set should return the correct value.

Version 1.9.2

  • Support for Rails 4.1.0's changed Record Identifier class.

Version 1.9.1

  • encode_to_json hook for internal refactoring.

Version 1.9.0

  • Bump hashie version to support 1.0 and 2.0 versions. Note I've bumped to 1.9.0 to avoid accidentally breaking anyone who requires 1.0 and doesn't specify it directly (dudes...)

Version 1.8.2

  • Remove test deprecation notice on Rails 4.

Version 1.8.1

  • Fix the test helper on Rails 3.0.
  • Get travis working again.

Version 1.8.0

  • Strong Parameter and test tweaks, thanks to joergschiller.
  • Better explanation for error handling, thanks to ahegyi.
  • Change the order of Instrumentation in RocketPants so it correct logs the error results.

Version 1.7.0

  • Make RocketPants work with Rails 4.0.0.beta1, Test against Ruby 2.0.0.

Note: This is a rather large change to the dependencies, hence the minor version bump.

Version 1.6.0, 1.6.1

  • ActiveModel Serializer Support
  • Fix to avoid exposing exception messages in production.

Version 1.5.4

  • Add in RocketPants::Forbidden at the request of @dangalipo.

Version 1.5.3

  • Add in support for messages on RocketPants::InvalidResource to RocketPants::Client, thanks to @fredwu

Version 1.5.2

  • Map ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique to RocketPants::Conflict.

Version 1.5.1

  • Merge in a fix from nagash that prevents reusing decoded / parsed responses in the test helper.

Version 1.5

  • Add in a built in :invalid_resource error, with support for passing through error messages.
  • Support for ActiveRecord exceptions out of the box (See the README).
  • Don't hide errors by default in development and test, respect config.rocket_pants.pass_through_errors and RocketPants.pass_through_errors.
  • Allow specifying :metadata in context on errors / expose and add it directly to the response.
  • Allow specifying :metadata in expose on objects.
  • RocketPants::Base.map_error! now accepts lambdas as the target value / convertor.

Version 1.4

  • Add in a built in :bad_request error.
  • Provide :base on RocketPants::Errors.register! will set the base class.
  • Fixed integration with will_paginate and expanded our integration specs to be better.

Version 1.3

  • Fixed a bug where any request with an etag would return 304 Not Modified when the caching middleware was enabled.
  • Support for header metadata - Simply set RocketPants.header_metadata = true or config.rocket_pants.header_metadata = true and rocket pants will mirror the response metadata to X-Api-* headers, e.g. X-Api-Count: 2 for a collection response with two items. This makes it suitable for use in HEAD requests. Please note, the client doesn't currently support this.
  • Support for automatically generating the Link: header for paginated responses. Simply implement page_url(page_number) in your controller, returning nil when it's a valid page, and rocket pants will add the headers for you. Also, you can use the link(rel, href, attributes = {}) and links(ref => type) to manually add header links.
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