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Update for RecordNotUnique, Cheers @fredwu

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1 parent 8b05195 commit 4224a6cf082e4e19d972981a807193d56df99a25 @Sutto committed Jun 28, 2012
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@@ -351,6 +351,7 @@ Out of the box, the following exceptions come pre-registered and setup:
- `:not_found` - The given resource could not be found.
- `:invalid_resource` - The given resource was invalid.
- `:bad_request` - The given request was not as expected.
+- `:conflict` - The resource was a conflict with the existing version.
Note that error also excepts a Hash of contextual options, many which will be passed through to the Rails I18N subsystem. E.g:
@@ -382,6 +383,7 @@ Out of the box, Rocket Pants will automatically map the following to built in er
as appropriate.
- `ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound` into `RocketPants::NotFound`
+- `ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique` into `RocketPants::Conflict`
- `ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved` into `RocketPants::InvalidResource (with no validation messages).`
- `ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid` into `RocketPants::InvalidResource (with messages in the "messages" key of the JSON).`

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