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The Rubyists Guide to API Development

A talk on the state of API development in Ruby.

First, it will cover the important considers when building an API - Namely, key things to know when structuring your data, deciding how deal with responses and most importantly how to make your API enjoyable for other developers to use - Something many APIs miss.

I'll also cover different parts of HTTP that can make life as an API developer more useful and common considerations such as Auth, caching and other such magic.

Finally, it will end with a walk through of the options currently available for building apis in Ruby (Sinatra, Grape, Rails, Rails-API and RocketPants)

The talk will be similar to / expanded upon a my API Driven Development talk given at RedDotRubyConf 2012 in Singapore.

My Name

Darcy is a Web Developer from Perth, Western Australia. Passionate about Ruby, Web Developments and APIs, By day he builds API backends for iOS Applications at Discovr and by night he works on a bunch of open source ruby projects.

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