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Create HTML-Versions of your XBMC-Library
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Freaky little tool for automated creation of HTML-Versions of ones XBMC-Movie-Library. Those generated files are ment to be shared among friends (for example via Dropbox).


The most recent version can be downloaded from


This application was created with node-webkit. To build it from source, make sure you have your npm-dependencies fetched via

npm install

That has to be done in the projects root-folder as well as in the subdir src.

After that you can run

grunt release

and will find your binary in build

Creating additional themes

Currently themes are packaged with the tool itself, but this may change. If you want to create your own theme, just have a look at src/themes/beauty.

Themes are autonomous 'applications'. Feel free to do whatever you like, but please stick to one index.html for now.

screenshot.png and package.json are mandatory files which have to be in your themes root-folder.

Just send me a Pull-Request with your theme as submodule as soon as you think your theme is stable enough.

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