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A soundcloud downloader made in Python
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A small command-line program to download tracks from You'll need to get an API key since there are rate limits on streams


Using Pip

  • Run pip install soundcloud_dl

From Source

  • Clone the repo or download the zip
  • Make sure you have pip installed
  • cd to the folder
  • pip install -r "requirements.txt"

Getting an API key

  • Log in to Soundcloud and register a new app here. That should give you an API key
  • Navigate to the folder where the package is installed Python36\Lib\site-packages\soundcloud-dl\downloader
  • Create a file called and add your API key there as shown in the file



Options [-h] [-t] [-n] [-s] [-d DIR] [-a] [-l]
                       [-e EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]] [-i INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...]]
                       [--limit LIMIT] [-r RANGE RANGE] [-g [GENRE]]

 positional arguments:
   url                   URL to download tracks from

 optional arguments:
   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
   -t, --top             Downloads the top 10 tracks across all genres
   -n, --new             Downloads 10 new tracks across all genres
   -s, --similar         Downloads 10 tracks similar to the track in the URL
   -d DIR, --dir DIR     Directory to save tracks in. Default value is the
                         current working directory
   -a, --all             Download all tracks (Uploads and likes)
   -l, --likes           Download only liked tracks.
   -e EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...], --exclude EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]
                         Enter track numbers to exclude.
   -i INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...], --include INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...]
                         Enter track numbers to include
   --limit LIMIT         Maximum number of tracks to download
                         Enter range of tracks to download
   -g [GENRE], --genre [GENRE]
                         use with --top to get top tracks from a specific genre
  • sc-dl can be used instead of soundcloud-dl
  • --top, --new and URL arguments are mutually exclusive
  • The url can be a link to a user, a track or a user's playlists. Downloads a user's uploads unless --all or --likes options are given
  • Adding the --include option overrides the --exclude option
  • Example : sc-dl --dir D:\Music
  • Example : sc-dl --dir D:\Music --exclude 1 2 3
  • Example : sc-dl -s


If you want to add features, improve them, or report issues, feel free to send a pull request!

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