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CodeBot is a chatbot that helps beginners learn how to code. To make the otherwise daunting task of learning how to code for the first time easier, CodeBot incorporates witty replies, GIFs & human-readable errors to create an incredibly fun experience for a complete novice. Currently, it goes through a few elementary exercises in Python (adapted from Codecademy) while answering user questions using basic NLP. The back-end runs on Node.js, MongoDB & while the front-end is written in vanilla HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Screenshot of CodeBot


  1. Suyash Lakhotia
  2. Nikhil Venkatesh
  3. Chaitanya Joshi
  4. Bobby Ranjan



Homebrew Commands (for Mac)

$ brew install node              # Install Node.js
$ brew install mongodb           # Install MongoDB
$ brew cask install robomongo    # Install RoboMongo (Optional)
$ brew services start mongodb    # Start MongoDB

Running CodeBot

  1. Clone this repo or download the .zip here.
  2. Navigate to this repo on your terminal and run $ npm install to install all the dependencies.
  3. Start MongoDB using the instructions here.
  4. Initialize the database using $ node dbCreator.js.
  5. Create a directory — /userScripts — and an empty file named inside to process the user's submitted Python scripts.
  6. Run CodeBot on http://localhost:3000/ using $ node index.js.
$ npm install
$ brew services start mongodb    # Start MongoDB (via Homebrew)
$ node dbCreator.js
$ mkdir userScripts && cd userScripts && touch && cd ..
$ node index.js

Source Code

├── modules/
│   ├── codeChecker.js       // Checks User Submitted Python Code
│   ├── levenshtein.js       // Word Distance Calculator (dependency of codeChecker.js)
│   ├── messageHandler.js    // Handles User Messages over Chat
│   └── pythonDict.js        // Dictionary of Python Keywords (dependency of codeChecker.js)
├── node_modules/            // Node.js Dependencies (see package.json)
├── public/                  // Front-End Files (served at '/')
│   ├── assets/              // Images, GIFs, etc.
│   ├── css/                 // CSS Stylesheets
│   │   └── main.css
│   ├── js/                  // Client-Side Scripts
│   │   └── main.js
│   └── favicon.ico          // Favicon
├── userScripts/             // User Submitted Python Code
│   └──
├── dbCreator.js             // Initializes Database
├── index.html               // Client-Side Chat Interface
└── index.js                 // Node.js Entry Point

See contributing guidelines here.

NOTE: Initially built for and during the Facebook Singapore Hackathon 2016.


👾 Interactive chatbot to help beginners learn how to code.




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