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Arduino Play Pokemon Go Plus

arduino arduino Size

Spinning Pokestops and Catching Pokémon without Manually !
So you can let Arduino clicking Pokemon Go Plus while you are sleeping, or working

Pokemon Go Plus Enhanced Solution
Let Pokemon Go Plus become Pokeball Plus, or even batter in catching Pokémon.



- Modify PGP could be damage, or lead to unrecoverable damage.
- Disposable battery cannot recharge, remove it before connect Arduino
- Don't replace CR2032 with LIR2032 ( 3.6V )  ,It will burnout PGP
+ Please make sure you have required tools and sufficient knowledge

File Description

  • Code | Arduino Code
  • | KiCad Project Archive
  • | PCB Layout FIle, For Arduino nano
  • | PCB Layout FIle, For Arduino nano, Enhanced
  • | PCB Layout FIle, For Arduino Uno

Circuit Design and PCB Simulatiion

  • KiCAD Circuit

  • For Arduino Nano Ver 3.0

  • For Arduino Nano Ver 3.0, Enhanced Version

  • For Arduino Uno R3

Modify Pokemon Go Plus

  • Remove CR2032 battery from Pokemon Go Plus.
  • Using Y00 triwing tripoint screwdriver teardown Pokemon Go Plus.
  • Desoldering vibration motor.
  • Figure out pinout.
  • Unfortunately, after teardown more Pokemon Go Plus, I thought that I bought pirated version.
  • Fortunately, the pirated version pinout is same as genuine version.
  • Soldering 30AWG wire wrapping wire, it should stretch seven connect wires, then fixed the wire.
  • Cutting Pokemon Go Plus case, for setting pin connector.
  • Connecting Circuit from Pokemon Go Plus to pin connector.
  • Pinout and circuit rule as follows.
  • Fixed the pin connector, then put everything back, without vibration motor.

Complete PCB and Upload Arduino Code

  • Download Gerber file, Upload to PCB prototype manufacturer, or PCB fabrication manufacturer.
  • Get PCB from PCB fabrication manufacturer, or PCB prototype manufacturer.
  • Soldering electronic components, including pin header, capacitor, slide switch and micro USB breakout board.
  • Check Nokia 5110 LCD Board pinout, make sure it can directly connect to board or need wire.
  • If the backlight circuit already has resistors, [ Resistors R9_D9 ] don't need to install, soldering as jumper.
  • Soldering Nokia 5110 LCD Board, or using pin header and pin connector
  • Soldering Arduino, or you can soldering pin header/connector, so you can remove it easily.
  • Plug Arduino connector cable, compile and upload program.
  • Making Pokemon Go Plus connect cable.
  • Pinout and circuit rule as follows.
  • Power on the Board, Connect Pokemon Go Plus.
  • Pray that everything goes well
  • Now, enjoy

Demo Video

  • Actual Operation

Bill of Materials


Using ML2032 rechargeable coin battery replace CR2032,
Then it can be charge by Arduino.

Make a simple board including battery,
And DIP Switch that can short-circuit VOB_GND and Switch ( Auto Click !)

Required Tools

  • Y00 Triwing Tripoint Screwdriver ( Teardown Pokemon Go Plus )
  • Pin Clamping Pliers
  • Soldering iron
  • Liquid Soldering Flux
  • 30AWG Wire Wrapping Wire ( Silver Plated Wire ) / or Enamelled Wire
  • 24AWG Stranded Conductors Wire
  • Super Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun


Arduino code was copy from " Johan von Konow " wbsite

Resources and Thanks

Arduino Code and Circuit Diagram Compact
PokeBot – Catch Pokémon’s in your sleep (and at work) Written by Johan von Konow


Arduino Auto Clicking Pokemon Go Plus