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Automatically Report Core Temperature & Automatically Report After Reboot
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Raspberry Pi Automatically Report

Simply Python Script, working on Raspberry Pi
Google Account Needed, Sign in using App Passwords

Report After Reboot
Automatically running via crontab or rc.loacl

Report Core Temperature
Automatically running via crontab

After when core temperature too high, default warning temperature is 55 °C
Automatically running via crontab

Normally HentaiAtHome.jar running stat is Sl or Sl+, parts of command is -jar, this python script will output ps command, using awk command filtering the string, after replace character in string, then it judging by the result

Alert when Hentai@Home clients isn't exist of frozen
Automatically running via crontab

Automatically running function

Recommend using crontab
Command format is python / python script location / python script name with filename extension

For example will automatically running every six hours from 9:00a.m. to 10:00p.m. will automatically running every hour will automatically running after reboot


RPI vcgencmd usage
Python Ps-grep Processes Kill
Monitor the core temperature of your Raspberry Pi
Installing Hentai@Home

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