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Note: this project is abandoned due to numerous bugs that I really don't wanna fix. Sorry!

TamperTubePlus - Use TamperMonkey to add many features to YouTube

Current Features:

  • Option to disable new forced YouTube Polymer design
  • Seamless file download from via hotkey or the added user interface
  • Quick Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing/Yahoo/Ecosia search via hotkey
  • Display the video's tags in the description and copy them quickly
  • Switch between big and normal player size via hotkey
  • Change the default CSS stylesheet to a better one, including a bigger theater video player (only old YouTube design)
  • Change the pages accent color from the default red one


  • Install the TamperMonkey addon - Firefox, Chrome
  • Visit this page and click the install button and follow the instructions
  • Click on the TamperMonkey icon in the top right, then click dashboard and finally click edit on the right of the TamperTubePlus script
  • Edit the settings found near the top (column 60 to 86)
  • Press CTRL + S to save the script
  • Enjoy the new features!

Hotkeys (changeable):

  • F2: Open music mix playlist if it is available
  • F4: Quick search (change search engine in settings)
  • F8: Quick download (enter file format and a new tab with the download opens)
  • NUM+: Switch between big and normal player size
  • ESC: Close menu

Planned Features:

  • Fix adblock and add it again
  • Add a settings panel on youtube, not just in the script (currently working on it)

How to Report Bugs or Contribute to the Translations or Script:

  • If you want to report a bug, please post it as an issue here
  • If you want to contribute by submitting a translation, please visit this website
  • If you want to send in code I could include in the script, please contact me via and I will send you the details on that.

Thanks :)