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Repository files navigation - Use Tamper- or GreaseMonkey to add a few helpful (non-cheaty) features to

Current Features:

  • Adds a delete box on every message that deletes it on click
  • Adds a "Download Drawing"-button underneath the votekick button so you can download your (and other's) masterpieces
  • Adds a "Hard Mode"-button underneath the "Download Drawing"-button that disables the word hint and the chat


  • Install the TamperMonkey addon - Firefox, Chrome
  • Visit this page and click the install button and follow the instructions
  • Click on the TamperMonkey icon in the top right, then click dashboard and finally click edit on the right of the script
  • Edit the settings found near the top (column 38 to 45)
  • Press CTRL + S to save the script
  • Enjoy the new features!

Planned Features:

  • (nothing yet, but if you want to suggest something, feel free to do so here)

How to Report Bugs or Contribute to the Translations or Script:

  • If you want to report a bug, please post it as an issue here
  • If you want to contribute by submitting a translation, please visit this website or contact me via E-Mail (
  • If you want to send in code I could include in the script, please contact me via E-Mail ( and I will send you the details on that.

Thanks :)