tool to help planning cycle exact demos for oldschool hardware
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FridgeGrid is a tool intended to help planning cycle exact code for effects on old school hardware.

Think of it as a combination of grid paper and fridge magnets in digital form with save and load functions.

Originally developed for creating Atari 2600 VCS demos, it was extended be usable for other systems as well. Templates include also the VIC-20 and the C64.


Packaging is rather forward

  1. Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

    Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and alike can be build using the dpkg-buildpackage tool.

  2. OpenSuSE, Red-Hat, etc.

    Not supported yet. If someone provides mit with a proper build spec file, I'm including it.

  3. Windows

    Windows is cross-build usine the mxe toolchain installed at /opt/mxe. Parameters are at the top of the build shell script.

  4. Mac OS X

    This used to be build on an old 10.6 machine, the only Mac OS X system I've got access to.