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# do
# docker build -t svendowideit/ambassador .
# then to run it (on the host that has the real backend on it)
# docker run --rm -i --link redis:redis --name redis_ambassador -p 6379:6379 svendowideit/ambassador
# on the remote host, you can set up another ambassador
# docker run -t -i -name redis_ambassador -expose 6379 -e REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP=tcp:// svendowideit/ambassador sh
# you can read more about this process at
# use alpine because its a minimal image with a package manager.
# prettymuch all that is needed is a container that has a functioning env and socat (or equivalent)
FROM alpine:3.3
RUN apk update && \
apk add socat && \
rm -r /var/cache/
ADD /bin/
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/"]