Java XML library. A really cool one. Obviously.
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This is a Java XML library with an extraordinary expressive API. By using XPath for read and write operations, many operations take only one line of Java code.
This is how it looks:

      <content type="foo" >bar</content>

Access XML content in an object oriented way:

public interface Example {
    // This is a getter for the attribute "type"
    String getType();
    // This is a getter and a setter for the value of the element "content"
    XBAutoValue<String> content();

Example example = new XBProjector().io().file("example.xml").read(Example.class);
String type = example.getType(); // "foo"
String content = example.content().get(); // "bar"
example.content().set("new value");

Or, direct access via XPath enabled collection types:

Map<String,String> map = new XBProjector().io().file("example.xml").readAsMapOf(String.class);
String type = map.get("/xml/example/content/@type");
String content = map.get("/xml/example/content");
map.put("/xml/example/content","new value");

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