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C# client library for the Svrf API
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Svrf C# SDK

Svrf's API allows you to supercharge your project or app with the first and largest search engine for immersive experiences. We make it simple for any developer to incorporate highly immersive experiences with all kinds of applications: virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, mobile, and web. See our C# Quick Start Guide to get started!


Simple Authentication: Easily manage your Svrf API authentication token.

Comprehensive Search: Search the entirety of the Svrf immersive experience catalog. Further refine what you're looking for with a variety of Search Parameters, allowing you to search for 360 photos, videos, Face Filters, or Media that is of a certain resolution.

Trending Media: Getting the currently Trending Media on Svrf is a breeze. Trending Media are Media that our curators have deemed to be some of the most interesting on the platform. You can further constrain the trending Media with Trending Media Parameters.


We welcome contributions of any kind including new features, bug fixes, and documentation improvements. If it is a major change, please open an issue describing what you want to build so that we can discuss how to move forward. Otherwise, go ahead and open a pull request for minor changes such as typo fixes and one-liners.

Running Tests

There're unit and integration tests in Svrf.Tests.Unit and Svrf.Tests.Integration projects respectively. Make sure tests pass before submitting Pull Requests.

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