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Main Page

  1. Each host has its own panel. The panel contains the host's IP address, hostname, and the option delete the host or retake screenshots.

  2. Each interface on a host has its own screenshot, port number, and link within the host panel. The link will mark the host as 'Reviewed' when clicked.

  3. Reviewed hosts will have a green check mark next to their IP address.

  4. Bulk actions can be performed on selected hosts using the checkbox on the host panel. Clicking the 'Bulk' button will select all hosts on the page.

    • Reviewed - Marks selected hosts as 'Reviewed'
    • Notes - Enter notes to be applied to all selected hosts.
    • Screenshot - Retake screenshots for selected hosts. This automatically overwrites any current screenshots.
    • Test Default Credentials - If selected hosts have a default credential checking module assigned, it will be run.
    • Delete Hosts - Delete the database record for selected hosts.
  5. Advanced Search displays filtering options for changing the number of hosts displayed per page, searching, changing the order of hosts, and hiding reviewed hosts.

  6. Hiding reviewed hosts is ideal when multiple users are actively reviewing interfaces for the sake organization and avoiding double work.

Screenshot Popup

  1. The product and category is initially based on Nmap scan data. If the interface is identified with Kraken's signature list, the product will be more specific.
  2. When using the scan functionality on the Setup page, each interface has a 'Last See' timestamp. This is used to track whether whether or not hosts are stale, or have not been seen during a more recent scan of that address range.
  3. A note taking form is provided. Notes are stored on a per interface basis in the Sqlite database. All interfaces with entered notes will show up on the Reports page.
  4. There are two options for accessing the interface, both of which mark the host as 'Reviewed'. Open will go directly to the interface. KrakenView will open the interface in an iframe with a Kraken header at the top.
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