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SwagLyrics SwagLyrics

SwagLyrics contains a set of packages and libraries written in Python to dramatically enhance the music listening experience on desktop. The support libraries and utilities have also been made open source to allow for an extensible framework.

This repository is meant for centralized issues as well as enhancement proposals and to house the media assets associated with the Project.


SwagLyrics for Spotify

SwagLyrics for Spotify fetches the currently playing song from Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS and displays the lyrics in the command-line or in a browser tab. Refreshes automatically when song changes. Very fast.


SwSpotify is a python library that returns the currently playing song and artist from Spotify pan OS (Windows, Linux, macOS) without using the Spotify API. That allows it to be very fast and can be used independently from SwagLyrics.


The swaglyrics-backend is a Flask application that manages and sanitizes issues on the SwagLyrics for Spotify repo as well as handles the error mitigation of unsupported songs.


autosynch is an application that aims to synchronize lyrics to their temporal location in the audio. It was developed during Google Summer of Code 2019.


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