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An implementation of swaglyrics into a discord bot. When you listen to music on spotify, this bot will print you the lyrics. All automatic!


Simply type $swaglyrics and let the magic happen!

For specific lyrics, type $swaglyrics song ,, artist

SwagLyrics Bot in action



Command: $swaglyrics song ,, artist where song and artist are optional arguments.

Aliases: $sl.

Action: Main command, gets lyrics for song you are listening to.

Example: $swaglyrics Round And Round ,, Imagine Dragons


Command: $ping.

Action: Pings bot, returns bot latency in ms.


Command: $stats.

Action: Shows bot statistics and technical data.


Spotify needs to be connected with discord, status in "Settings -> Connections -> Spotify -> Display Spotify as your status" needs to be turned on.

Building from source

Install requirements with pip3 install -r requirements.txt (use pip or pip3, depending on your setup).

cd to SwagLyrics-discord-bot directory.

Create .env file and fill it with token

BOT_TOKEN=<your token>

Congratulations! Bot is successfully configured. Now you can run directily with python3 or install it with python3 install and run with python3 -m SwagLyricsBot. Remember to run it from directory where .env is located.

Additional settings

If you want, you can setup logging directly to discord server using webhooks and upload stats to TopGG

.env entries:

WEBHOOK_URL=<your discord webhook url>

WEBHOOK_ERROR_SUPERVISOR_ID=<discord user id> Used for pinging user if error occures.

DBL_TOKEN=<your TopGG token>