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# File : .pep8speaks.yml
diff_only: True # If False, the entire file touched by the Pull Request is scanned for errors. If True, only the diff is scanned.
linter: flake8 # Other option is flake8
flake8: # Same as scanner.linter value. Other option is flake8
max-line-length: 120 # Default is 79 in PEP 8
- W191
only_mention_files_with_errors: True
descending_issues_order: False # If True, PEP 8 issues in message will be displayed in descending order of line numbers in the file
message: # Customize the comment made by the bot
opened: # Messages when a new PR is submitted
header: "Hello @{name}! Thanks for opening this PR. "
# The keyword {name} is converted into the author's username
footer: "Do see the [Hitchhiker's guide to code style]("
# The messages can be written as they would over GitHub
updated: # Messages when new commits are added to the PR
header: "Hello @{name}! Thanks for updating this PR. "
footer: "" # Why to comment the link to the style guide everytime? :)
no_errors: "There are currently no PEP 8 issues detected in this Pull Request. Cheers! :beers: "
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