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Detect if song is instrumental (#20)

* add starring discord

* correct colour

* file separation and improvements to the discord bot

* remove original elements form main file

* include username in discord message

* rename webhook handler fn

* remove mocking utils used for mock run

* reformat and rearrange code

* fix PEP8 errors

* fix PEP8 errors

* fix formatting for long lines

* perfect discord embed message

* add comments and improve formatting

* minor pep8 fix

* minor pep8 fix

* remove old code

* change server vanity presence

* remove

* remove references to discord

* review branched and correct logic

* remove discord depenency

* 	moved helper to

* fix import error


* add logic to determine instrumentalness

* update logic

* update grammar

* add first test

* fix object error

* update test

* fix typo in test

* rewrite test

* add helper function to test instrumental qualities

* fix broken test

* remove invalid test
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JamesVStone committed Feb 24, 2020
1 parent f8d9870 commit 3383cd6743571e16604e5012a2eccba04b91d502
Showing with 30 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +25 −4 swaglyrics_backend/
  2. +4 −2 tests/
  3. +1 −1 tests/
@@ -2,13 +2,16 @@
import os
import re
import time

import git
import requests
from flask import Flask, request, abort, render_template
from flask_limiter import Limiter
from flask_limiter.util import get_ipaddr
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy

from datetime import datetime as dt

from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
from swaglyrics import __version__
from swaglyrics.cli import stripper, spc
@@ -25,6 +28,7 @@
default_limits=["1000 per day"]

# database env variables
username = os.environ['USERNAME']
passwd = os.environ['PASSWD']
@@ -221,7 +225,8 @@ def create_issue(song, artist, version, stripper='not supported yet'):

def check_song(song, artist):
Check if song, artist pair exist on Spotify or not using the Spotify API.
Check if song, artist pair exist on Spotify or not using the Spotify API. Also checks if song is instrumental
in which case it would not have lyrics.
This is done to verify if the data received is legit or not. An exact comparison is done since the data is
supposed to be from Spotify in the first place.
@@ -237,12 +242,28 @@ def check_song(song, artist):
except KeyError:
return False
if data:
print(data[0]['artists'][0]['name'], data[0]['name'])
if data[0]['name'] == song and data[0]['artists'][0]['name'] == artist:
track = data[0]
print(track['artists'][0]['name'], track['name'])
if track['name'] == song and track['artists'][0]['name'] == artist:
print(f'{song} and {artist} legit on Spotify')
return True
if not check_song_instrumental(track, headers):
return True
print(f'{song} by {artist} seems to be instrumental')
print(f'{song} and {artist} don\'t seem legit.')

return False

def check_song_instrumental(track, headers):
Helper function to determine if song is instrumental using spotify audio features API.
Returns true if it considers a song to be instrumental.
metadata = requests.get(f'{track["id"]}', headers=headers).json()
if metadata["instrumentalness"] > 0.45 and metadata["speechiness"] < 0.04:
return True
return False

@@ -71,12 +71,14 @@ def test_check_song_returns_false_on_bad_response(self, requests_mock, response_
self.assertFalse(check_song("Miracle", "Caravan Palace"))

@patch('swaglyrics_backend.issue_maker.get_spotify_token', return_value={"access_token": ""})
@patch('requests.Response.json', return_value={'error', 'yes'})
@patch('requests.get', return_value=Response())
def test_that_check_song_returns_true(self, mock_get, mock_response, spotify_token):
@patch('swaglyrics_backend.issue_maker.check_song_instrumental', return_value=False)
def test_that_check_song_returns_true(self, check_instrumental, mock_get, mock_response, spotify_token):
from swaglyrics_backend.issue_maker import check_song
mock_response.return_value = get_correct_spotify_search_json(

self.assertTrue(check_song("Miracle", "Caravan Palace"))

@patch('swaglyrics_backend.issue_maker.get_spotify_token', return_value={"access_token": ""})
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
from unittest.mock import patch
from unittest.mock import patch, Mock

from werkzeug.exceptions import ImATeapot

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