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Zilliqa (ZIL) Mining Switch for ethOS
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Zilliqa (ZIL) Mining Switch for ethOS


Zilliqa (ZIL) is a blockchain with a very specific mining process. Mining on the Ethash algorithm for only less than 5 minutes roughly each 2.5 hours allows the owner of the ethOS rig to mine their other preferred coins throughout the rest of the time.


This little set of scripts makes sure your rig monitors the proof-of-work (PoW) start time, and when required stops your main miner, fires up the ZIL miner, and switches back to your main miner afterwards.

In the background a script checks the block height of the ZIL blockchain every this and then in a loop by calling the Zilliqa API in a decreasing interval. Once the block 99 is hit, the background sleep stops, the main miner is disallowed and the mining for ZIL starts for 5 minutes. After this period the ZIL miner terminates automatically, the main miner is launched again, and the loop starts from the beginning.

Getting Started

In this version some manual tasks for the configuration is still required. If you follow the instructions carefully you shall have your ZIL mining up and running within just a few minutes.


You need to be running a mining rig with ethOS 1.3.3 installed.

You need to own a wallet address for ZIL.


Run the following command in your ethOS shell:

bash <(curl -s


For running this script we're making use of the following components:

The installation script makes sure that these tools are installed, if they aren't part of ethOS yet.


After the installation please edit the pool and wallet configuration!

nano zil-miner-switch/minerpool.txt

After you've done this, you can start this toolsuite with:

sh zil-miner-switch/

To make sure the ZIL Mining Switcher also starts when you power on your rig, you also can add the following line into (execute nano before the "exit" line:

bash -c zil-miner-switch/


You are limited to installing 15 miners an hour as this script makes 4 GitHub calls per install. Use authenticated requests if you require more.


If you find this helpful, a small donation always is welcome (every coin helps):

  • BTC 1Q1Hnm26TY3nf5NCxTcEJKMYq3C1ejTXCZ
  • ETH 0x18eb62e93adceb68c8b28c7e0f6e168ad76500bc (ETH only, no ERC20 tokens)
  • LTC LXNgnAodqT5HYBVqKpxdPKCdYFNRphMzg6
  • ETC 0x502a5609fa5e0c1a991fbcc595a48385a764cd16
  • ZEC t1XANY6JV8asAAUegv6v4S2bQE6SzAumkVQ
  • ZIL zil19pa7mefxhal7jeda0p6agft5cxc97gfcnl55e0


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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