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A central repository, with links to all Swapblocks tools and articles.

Community developed tools are very important for swapblocks and we want to support talented developers from all coding backgrounds.

The time and effort each community developer and technical writer invests into creating something awesome for SWAPBlocks is invaluable.

We all know it’s hard to keep track of the links to 100’s of really useful code repositories, tools and articles, trying to find the right link quickly can be frustrating. So we have developed this repository with the aim of creating a centralised list of links to all useful swapblocks tools, articles and repositories.

Adding a Repo

Users can submit their links by logging an issue, make sure you first login.

When will the links be added

Tools will be updated each week. Bounties will be awarded to tools on a case by case basis and will be awarded based on impact of the pull requests, Issues logged, bugs found, new tools, upgrades to existing tools, api wrappers and documentation updates. If there's a tool you'd like to create for a bounty reach out to swapblocks_lance in the discord #bounties channel or submit an issue.

Community Tools

Official Tools


Community Repo's

Official Repo's


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