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Spotify Downloader and alternative of Spotdl(python) tool made in NodeJS based on youtube-dl


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Spotify Downloader

Download audio files from spotify links(Based on: youtube-dl)




Node.js 14

Note: if you run into issues related to puppeteer chromium download please try PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD=true npm install -g spotify-dl


A simple commandline utility that allows you to download Spotify Songs, Shows, Episodes, Playlists and Albums from Youtube.


  • The ability to find a video is dependent on the fact it is hosted on youtube, and even then there is a chance it is still incorrectly matched
  • Some items may only be available to spotify premium users, please be sure to provide a username and password when this is the case



Install from npm registry

npm install -g spotify-dl

or You can do manually

git clone
cd spotify-dl
npm install
npm link

Android (Termux)

PS: You may need to type termux-setup-storage first and allow storage permission

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


Build docker image:

git clone
cd spotify-dl
docker build -t spotify-dl .


To download highest quality audio file

spotifydl <spotify track/album/playlist link> ...





Flag Long Flag Usage
--o --output takes valid output path argument
--es --extra-search takes extra search string/term to be used for youtube search
--oo --output-only enforces all downloaded songs in the output dir
--sf --search-format provide template for youtube api, supports albumName, artistName,itemName
"something {itemName} - {albumName} anyrandomextrastring"
--of --output-format provide template for output of filenames, supports albumName, artistName,itemName
3 x _ are used to signify directories
--ef --exclusion-filters comma separated string of exclusion filters
each filter will be checked against the description and title if found the link will be ignored
--st --saved-tracks download spotify saved tracks
--ss --saved-songs download spotify saved shows
--sp --saved-playlists download spotify saved playlists
--sa --saved-albums download spotify saved albums
--l --login Requests a login in an external window (non tty should use --u and --p) (Docker without -it is non tty)
--u --username spotify username for headless long (Note: you must use --login once to grant access)
--p --password spotify password
--cf --cache-file takes valid output file name path argument
--dr --download-report output a download report of what files failed
--cof --cookie-file takes valid file name path argument to a txt file for youtube cookies
--v --version returns current version
--h --help outputs help text
--dl --download-lyrics enables downloading of lyrics
--oft --output-file-type choose which type of file to be output as


To use --u and --p (headless login) you must do a --l once first to grant required permissions (playlists, saved songs ect.)

if you receive 'Got a spotify api error WebapiRegularError: An error occurred while communicating with Spotify's Web API Details: non existing id' you may need to provide auth either use --l for manual login prompt or --u username --p password for headless login

If you receive a 429 error please provide a cookies file given the --cof flag, to generate a cookies file please refer to Chrome or Firefox


docker run -it --user=$(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/download --rm spotify-dl <options-to-spotify-dl defaults to --help>
docker run -it --user=$(id -u):$(id -g) -v $(pwd):/download --rm spotify-dl ""


thanks to icons8 for icons in hero image and all the contributors for PR, suggestions and testing :love:



MIT © Swapnil Soni