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Getting-Started with Swarm Evaluation Kit

All Eval Kit and additional information can be found in the Eval Kit Quickstart Guide or in our Developer Tools.

Simple code examples can be found in the Examples folder

Additional Helpful Links

Swarm Pass Checker
Swarm Eval Kit Quickstart Video
Activating your Swarm M138 Modem
HIVE Login
Swarm M138 Modem Product Manual


Q: How do I stop the RSSI-Background from repeating?
A: Send $RT 0*16 via Telnet connection

Q: How do I calculate the checksum?
A: For testing, you can use the NMEA Checksum Calculator or for integration you can use the following C code found on pg. 34 of the manual.

Implementation of NMEA checksum in C

uint8_t nmeaChecksum (const char *sz, size_t len){
    size_t i = 0;
    uint8_t cs;

    if (sz [0] == '$')

    for (cs = 0; (i < len) && sz [i]; i++)
        cs ^= ((uint8_t) sz [i]);

    return cs;

Implementation of NMEA checksum in Python

def nmea_checksum(command: str) -> int:
    i = 0
    cs = 0
    if command[0] == '$':
        i = 1

    bs = command.encode()
    for b in bs[i:]:
        cs ^= b

    return cs

Q: There are some differences with the POWERON message between the demo Swarm Modem, and the Swarm Modem in our card.




A: SFT=Y/n and BOR=n/Y is for internal debug and can be disregarded. You can ensure your Swarm Modem is functioning correctly.

Q: What type of antenna cable do you recommend?
A: We recommend using LMR-240-UF

Where to find help

Email with any questions!