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This is Tinderboxpushlog.
Some links:
- official Firefox instance:
- repository:
- all bugs:
- file a bug:
Clone the hg repository:
hg clone path/to/tbpl
TBPL has a client-side and a server-side component. Running only the client-side component is really simple, because you can just make it refer to the server-side component that runs on In order to do that, open js/Config.js and change the baseURL to "". Then you can open index.html and it will just work (even from the local file system).
If you want a standalone instance of TBPL with your own server-side component, the requirements for your server are a little higher. Data is stored in a MongoDB database, which is accessed by both python (dataimport/ and PHP scripts. All in all, you need these things:
- a webserver (e.g. Apache)
- MongoDB (any recent version will do)
- PHP 5.3
- MongoPHP (the Mongo driver for PHP)
- Python 2.6 or better with the packages pymongo, pytz and simplejson
Then you can set everything up:
cd path/to/tbpl
# Create the folders "summaries" and "cache" in the tbpl directory and make them writable for all users:
mkdir cache summaries
chmod a+w cache summaries
# Create the file php/sheriff-password.php that stores the hidden builder admin password:
echo "<?php define('SHERIFF_PASSWORD', 'thepassword');" > php/sheriff-password.php
# Start the MongoDB server if it's not running already, for example like this (in a different shell):
/path/to/bin/mongo -bind_ip
# Start the initial import (this will take a while):
python26 dataimport/ -d 5 # 5 is the number of days to go back in time
In order to keep the run data in the database up to date, the import script needs to be run periodically. You can do this with cron by editing your crontab file using the command "crontab -e" and adding this line:
*/5 * * * * python26 /path/to/tbpl/dataimport/
This will run dataimport/ every 5 minutes.
If any of this doesn't work, pester mstange or file a TBPL bug.
If you want Tinderboxpushlog Robot to be able to comment in Bugzilla, you'll need to ask Ehsan for the tbplbot-password.php file and store it in the php folder. Alternatively you could create your own Bugzilla user, replace in submitBugzillaComment.php with you user's email and add a tbplbot-password.php file that looks like this:
<?php define('TBPLBOT_PASSWORD', 'yourpassword'); ?>
If you have a question, just send me an email at
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