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Temply (Beta)

Fast way to prototype your html pages

Temply was created originally to create our Free HTML Templats and we thought it might be of a good use for others as well :)



$ npm install temply -g

To Start a new template/html project, cd to an empty folder where you want to create your files then:

$ temply init

Temply will copy some files and folders to the distination folders, to watch changes while editing sources

$ temply watch

To compile

$ temply compile

By default compiled files will go to the dist folder, to change that, open init.js file and edit

exports.outLocation = '/some/folder';

Font Icons

By default there is no icons set, but we recommend fontastic just create an account with them, genereate your desired set of icons, and then extract files in assets/css/icons

#Source Files


Default layout which will be shared with all pages, you can modify as needed but keep {{> content}} partial where ever you want the pages to be compiled.


This file contains general Template options

  • exports.outLocation : define compiled files destination
  • exports.handlebars : a function accepts handlebars object
  • : general data to use with handlebars template engine

Dealing with handlebars

handlebars templates are in handlebars folder, by default index.hbs is there, but you can create as many pages as you want, ex : about.hbs will compile to about.html

Each page can has it own set of options, *will override global options found in init.js *, to set per page options at the top of the handlebars page add a wellformed json inside {{#config}} {{/config}} handlebars tags.

        "title" : "About Page",
        "description" : "This is a description",

To define handlebars helpers and partials you need to export handlebars function from local init.js file

For Example

exports.handlebars = function(Handlebars){
  		header: header.toString(),
  		footer: footer.toString()

Dealing with Less CSS

LESS Elements is pre installed so you can use it immediately.

Predefined media queries, based on BareCss media queries, you can use as the following:

.some-class-selector {
    @media @small { ... }
    @media @medium { ... }
    @media @large { ... }
    @media @xlarge { ... }

Free Templates

We already created some free clean HTML Templates using Temply check them out here.



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