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Bread Template

A free minimal clean HTML template

This Template created with Temply by


Bread Demo


Bread template uses:


Once downloaded extract archive package and cd to the extracted files location, in order to start editing you need to install Temply globally

$ npm install Temply -g

To Compile Source

$ temply compile

You can also run file change watcher to auto compile every time you make a new change:

$ temply watch

If you're not familiar with less/handlebars/nodejs then you still can edit the template directly by going to the dist folder and edit html/css/js files, not recommended though.

Edit The Template

  • init.js : starter js file, where general template options are defined.
  • handlebars : handlebars files will compile to html, *.hbs inside handlebars folder, you can create new pages by placing a new something.hbs file inside handlebars folder, and will be automatically compiled to something.html in the dist folder.
  • less : will be compiled to main.css in dist/assets/css folder.

Less Editing Notes

  • LESS Elements : is pre installed so you can use it immediately.
  • media query : we pre defined some media queries, based on BareCss media queries, you can use as the following:
.some-class-selector {
    @media @small { ... }
    @media @medium { ... }
    @media @large { ... }
    @media @xlarge { ... }

handlebars Edit Notes

  • Each page can has it own set of options, to do this at the top of the page add a wellformed json inside {{#config}} {{/config}} handlebars tags.
        "title" : "About Page",
        "description" : "This is a description",
  • You can define handlebars helpers and partials from init.js file, but avoid declaring config and wrapper helpers as they are used internally by Temply.



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