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Contributor Rule and Guidelines
These are the guidelines for Fixate IO and contributors. If you are interested in being a contributor visit

Fixate Rules and Process


  • If software or services are required in order to complete content, Fixate will procure directly on behalf of the contributor.

  • The contributor will not directly or indirectly solicit Fixate customers on-behalf of their employer for free or discounted software or services on the basis of content generation. This does not prevent standard negotiations by the contributor or contributor’s employer.

  • Contributors may share their content and involvement as a direct contributor of Fixate on social media profiles and in conversation.

  • Contributors will not re-purpose content in full without direct approval from Fixate.

  • The contributor may post a summary of the content on their blog or social media forums and link back to the original.

  • The contributor may write on the topic for another blog posts as long as it does not contain copy from the original.

  • Contributors are not obligated to accept any topic. When a contributor accepts a topic they are expected to complete and turn in the post by the 25th each month. If the contributor passes on the post after acceptance, or misses turn in date for more than two months they will no longer be able to participate in the network.

  • Contributors may represent themselves as a “Contributor” for Fixate IO on bios and social media profiles. Including adding themselves as part of the Fixate IO company on LinkedIn


The content generation and approval process is as follows:


  • TOPIC SELECTION: Topics are selected. Topic selection is done in conjunction with the client and can vary from time to time. The ideal process is for Fixate to survey its contributors for topic interest. Fixate then will compile a list of suggested topics, and then present those topics to the customer. The customer can accept or reject any individual topic, and may offer their own suggestions.

  • TOPIC CREATION: After topics are accepted they are setup as cards in Trello in the “Pending” list. At this point contributors can point out any topics that particularly interest them to write about. And they will be given priority for assignments.

  • CONTRIBUTOR SELECTION: Selection of contributors per topic is based on the best match of quality (determined from previous posts), topic expertise that matches the customer, and style that the customer is looking for. When a topic is assigned the contributor will be added to the Trello card and be given access to a Google Doc where the contributor will place the final copy. At which point the topic card will be moved to the “Assigned” list


  • CONTENT CREATION: Once a contributor is selected they will create the content in the editor of their choosing. At which point the Contributor should move the Card they are assigned to, to the “In Progress” list in Trello. Contributor should review the content guidelines in the assigned Google Doc to help guide content creation.

  • CONTENT CREATION SUPPORT: During the content creation process Fixate is available for coaching, question and answer, and any assistance to complete the content.

  • PEER SUPPORT: At any point of time the contributor can reach out to the Fixate network for support. Fixate prefers that all content related conversations happen in Fixate Slack account.

  • AUTHORED CONTENT: Authored content is content which is published with the contributor's name, title, bio, and photo. The most common example is a blog post. This content is attributed to the author and all content therein represents their opinion.

  • NON AUTHORED CONTENT: Non-authored content is content such as Whitepapers and eBooks. This content will not be attributed to the author when published, and will be paid at a rate determined case by case but not less than two times the set blog post rate.


  • PEER REVIEW: When content is completed the contributor will move the assigned Trello card to the “Peer Review List”. Peer review is the process of reviewing content for interest level, and any technical pieces that may be blatantly inaccurate. After the reviewer completes their review the content will be moved to the “Copy Editing” list in Trello.

  • COPY EDITING: Copy editing is the process of reviewing the content for typos, spelling, grammar, and flow. The meaning of the content will not be changed but structure and some language may be.

  • SEO REVIEW: After the copy editor has finished editing the content, it is moved to the “SEOify” Trello list. At this stage the content is check against a Focus Keyword ( a keyword that will be targeted for search’s). And when there are opportunities to inject the keyword that will be done. Also the post is looked at for structure, graphics, and linking.


  • Content should be free of opinions, product promotion, slander, or mention of competitive products to the customer. Content with any of the above can be edited prior to acceptance to meet these criteria.

  • From time to time content gets rejected. Content rejections can come from Fixate or fixate customers. 90% of the time rejections are from customers and based on direction changes or missed expectations on topics. Not on the quality of content. If content is rejected it is repurposed on the Fixate blog, and Fixate will pay 50% of the contributor’s blog rate.


  • COMPLETE PENDING DELIVERY: After the content passes all the review stages it is marked as complete for delivery.

  • DELIVERY: Fixate will deliver all content for a particular customer at the end of the month by sharing a Drive folder with all the content to the customer.

  • CUSTOMER REVIEW: The customer will review the content and accept or reject content within a week of it’s submission.

  • CUSTOMER EDITS: The customer will make minor edits (that do not change meaning), and schedule the post for publishing on their blog or location of their choosing. All content will be published with the bloggers byline, and bio. It is rare, but time to time the customer will request changes to content. Fixate will first determine if the change would be acceptable and minor. If so Fixate will request the contributor to make the change.


  • After the content is published Fixate will share the content as a unique URL with the Fixate network. The network is encouraged to share the content when it fits with their network, but this is not a requirement. If content is shared please always use the URL that Fixate provides. Because Fixate does not have access to customer analytics, this is the only way to gauge performance of a post.

  • Fixate and or Fixate client own copyright of all accepted content. Which means content cannot be republished in whole by the contributor, and the contributor cannot stake claim to the contents distribution.

  • Fixate and or Client may choose to syndicate content on one or more forums including the clients blog or other media outlet.

  • To the extent that it is possible, it is recommended that contributors subscribe to feeds where content is published, monitor, and respond to any comments placed on content they have created.


  • We encourage free and open conversation amongst contributors about the market and technology. Our contributor network is there to be a resource and motivator for all everyone to produce better technical content. If you feel like a peer contributor has breach a boundry of ediqutt we ask that you bring it to our attention immedatly, and avoid from engageing with the offender directly.

  • Fixate's priority is good technical content. And we only measure our contributors on the quality of their content. A contributor's personal oppinions should not be reflected in their content. Any and all interactions with the public outside the scope of published content is up to the disgression of the contributor. Any controvercies resulting from those interactions will not be associated with Fixate or Fixate's customers to the extent that is possible by the contributor.