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PolyTroc (temporary name)

team Sweng_Golf

Development of an Android app in the context of the Software Engineering course taught at EPFL in Fall 2018.

App specification

The idea is to offer a trading system that would allow users to exchange goods or services, without the need of money.

Build Status Maintainability Test Coverage


The master branch is protected, you must first create a new branch to add a feature or make changes, and then do a pull-request that will be reviewed by at least one other member of the team. It must in addition build successfully on TravisCI and pass the requirements of Code Climate before being allowed to merge.

App requirements

  • Split app model: must use cloud-based services (e.g., Google maps, Firebase).
  • Use of (at least one) phone sensor (GPS, camera, mic, etc).
  • User support: The app must support the concept of users, and provide means of authenticating users.
  • Database access: make use of Android's wrapper around SQLite for local database access.
  • Automated test suite: minimum level of 80% code coverage

"A beautiful piece of code, even if perfect, that lacks test cases will get a minimal score on the correctness and maintainability aspects of the grading rubric, so please test thoroughly."

Team members

  • Ugo Damiano
  • Eric Jollès
  • Sébastien Fulpius
  • Markus Ding
  • Robin Mamié
  • Elsa Weber