Python based code for accessing and manipulating Carriots IoT service.
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This repo contains utiltiies for accessing Carriots IoT service. The code is written in Python.

You can run this code anywhere you can run Python code, especially in a cloud service like PythonAnywhere. I prefer to use a cloud based service like PythonAnywhere because it gives quicker access to other cloud service APIs, instead of being limited by the connection between my local machine and the cloud. Signing up for PythonAnywhere using the above link helps to support work like this.

Carriots and PythonAnywhere are both free, and offer a really awesome service for prototyping Internet of Things and data logging services. These code pieces can be used as a basis for your Internet of Things on RasphberryPi or other embedded Linux systems where you can run Python.

Please exercise caution when using these code chunks as they will permantenly modify Carriots. For example, the delete scripts will remove data and settings that can not be retreived later.