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Getting Started With Swift

Learning any new area of programming can be extremely intimidating so question and answer sites are perpetually flooded with people asking about how to get started.

The goal of this repository is to provide a collaborative space for people to organize resources that allow others to learn Swift and related technologies. It is not just for beginners.

Can you make improvements to this repository? We'd love for you to contirbute.

What are you actually trying to learn?

The first question you must answer is: what are you actually trying to learn? We often don't know how the pieces of technology fit together to achieve our goals. That is our first step.

Swift is simply the language we use to give a computer instructions. It would be incredibly time consuming bordering on impossible to create any sort of software without the use of other technologies that we must also learn. Below are some of the things we can do with Swift with links to separate pages that list out resources to help learn those technologies.

You have to start somewhere and if you're completely new to programming, learning the language itself is a good starting point.

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This is the most common reason people want to learn Swift; they want to create iOS apps. This means you must learn the Swift language itself and then any relavent parts of the necessary frameworks.

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Command Line Utilities

Coming Soon.

macOS Apps

Coming Soon.

watchOS Apps

Coming Soon.

tvOS Apps

Coming Soon.

Server Backends

Coming Soon.

Machine Learning

Coming Soon.


We are very much looking for contributions to improve this resource for the Swift community. View our contributing page for more information.


List of resources to get started with Swift






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